Invitation from the Convenor

Dear Colleagues and fellow Neurologists

Greetings from Wits Neurology. 2020 has been nothing short of the most interesting year in memory. There is a well known saying that wishes one “to live in interesting times”. 2020 provided this in ways we never thought or dreamed would ever happen. Covid- 19 dominated. Some of us were affected personally and felt the wrath of this virus whilst the rest of us witnessed the anguish in our patients, friends, and families. We remain at its mercy and hopefully, the vaccines that have sprouted will work and bring much-needed relief. Our lives have been transformed in so many ways, some good and some bad. For us, as neurologists in our beloved country, we have found a platform to communicate in ways that we never considered - thanks to the wisdom of our outstanding President - Patty Francis.

In keeping with the sweeping changes forced on us our 2021 NASA congress is to take on the now new way of Congress presentations.

It, therefore, gives me great pleasure to announce that Wits Neurology will be hosting the 2021 NASA congress as the first Virtual Congress by our association. An exciting program awaits you with workshops, platform presentations, and keynote speaker presentations. The pharmaceutical industry will also once again actively participate. Londocor has been chosen as our preferred organizer and will be integrating all aspects of this largely unknown journey that we have embarked on.

We are fortunate in having a very enthusiastic and highly competent committee including Professor Andre Mochan, Dr Rachelle Nossel, Dr Zipora Katz, Dr Kalpesh Jivan, Dr Eitzaz Sadiq, Dr Saiesha Dindayal, Dr Ahshish Govind, and Dr Dimakatso Makwela.

We look forward to welcoming you all and let’s learn through this new way of engaging.

With warms regards
Professor Girish Modi

Earn CPD Points (clinical and ethical)

Reduced registration fees

World-class local- and international speakers

Daily workshops: Neuroimaging, Ethics & Medical Law, ICU for the neurologist, Pain Management, etc.